Getting the band back together

After a little prodding, I’ve decided to try to update my website and keep it vaguely current. I don’t think it gets much traffic, but it’s a good place to park all my nonsense output. So I’ll be putting some new stuff up soon.

Also a lot of old stuff that I never bothered to post.

銀座の藤屋画廊で永田香と展示する! - Doing an Exhibition at Fujiya Gallery in Ginza with Nagata Kaori!

Dear Diary....
Sorry for a long absence. But anyway, I'm doing a dual exhibition with the Brazilian artist Kaori Nagata, who is also a fan of kitty cats. So good people. Anyway, details for it are as follows! Pictures from it will be posted on the exhibition part of this site when it all goes down.




2016年6月28日(火) - 7月3日 (日)/  2016 June 28th (Tue) - July 3rd (Sun)
11:00AM-6:00PM (最終日4:30PM) / 11:00AM-6:00PM (4:30PM on last day)

オープニングパーティーはしない  No opening party (sorry to fans of free booze)

〒104-0061 東京都中央区銀座-2-6-5 藤屋ビル2階
TEL & FAX 03(3564)1361

The Citizen Made of Glass is released! / The Citizen Made of Glassが出た

The new album by ASCETIC has been released on Planet Terror Records, and is available to download for free! Click below



Artwork by me. Give it a listen!


ASCETICの新しいアルバムが出た!無料にダウンロードができるので、聞いてみてください。Planet Terror Recordsによって出版された。以上の写真をクリックして、ダウンロードできる


Just Starting the Site! / ウェブサイトができた!

So this website has technically existed for a month or two but I'm only just starting to tell people about it. Please let me know if you have any suggestions or corrections or wotnot


Preview of new album by ASCETIC / ASCETICの新しいアルバムからの1曲

I was lucky enough to be asked to do the artwork for ASCETIC's new album, The Citizen Made of Glass, which is really bloody good. Here's a preview of it:


Full disclosure: ASCETIC is my older brother, so it wasn't so tough landing the job.

The Citizen Made of Glass is being released next week by Planet Terror Records, as a free release. Check back for a link and for the full artwork.